December 2018

Bring up a Hadoop Cluster using Ambari

I remember, couple of weeks back one of my colleagues and I, were trying to bring up a 3-node Hadoop cluster using Cloudera. The experience was painful, to say the least. We solved quite a few intermittent issues, and thought the end was nigh, but unfortunately it wasn’t.  Finally, we gave up after 2-3 days of struggling, and it had left a bitter taste in our mouth. I don’t really

Installing Java on CentOS 7

This article is more for my own reference, as I keep forgetting the steps for installing Java on CentOS. The procedures are pretty straightforward. I’ll be assuming it’s CentOS 7(.4) and Java SE 8 is what we’re going to install. I’m also going to assume, the installation is done as the root user. If you’re planning to install as non-root user, you might have to use sudo for some of