A New Beginning

Hi there, beautiful people of the internet. Good to see you dropping by. It’s been a while since I started blogging. But it was never one of my top priorities. With all the stuffs happening in life, it had to take a backseat, almost always. But then I realized, it’s always about choice. It’s up to us how and with whom we choose to spend our time with. And I choose this blog to reach out to those people, most of whom I wouldn’t have a chance to meet in person. I’ve also come to realize that writing is a passion for me. I love to share my stories with people, about minimalism, technology, or even personal finance. It feels wonderful to find like-minded people in this vast ocean of 7.5 billion of them, who are walking the same path, even if for a little while. Heck, I even love it, if it’s a healthy criticism from someone sitting on the opposite pole. So, I thought, why not just get a fresh start? Unlike Mario, we have only one life left anyway. And as they say…

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now.

So, I think, maybe this time it wouldn’t remain as just another blog, sitting quietly in the corner like a wallflower, even though that has quite a few perks of its own [pun intended]. I’ll see you guys around.

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