Here comes ’19

So, here we are… standing at the edge of 2018, and about to step into a happy new year. I can already hear the firecrackers going crazy, outside… or is it the people? The sky is lit up, in dozens of different colors, people are screaming at the top of their voices, new year resolutions are being made. But let’s not talk about that for a change. Instead, let’s look into the room of a regular Joe who wasted a lot of time in the evening of 31st December, 2018.

He had to study for his interview preparation, but he got carried away, and spent a lot of time on YouTube watching videos that had no correlation whatsoever with the subjects he needed to take care of. And he was hungry too. So he opened a food delivery app on his smartphone. Ah!, he thought, what better way to end this year, than giving a well-deserved treat to myself. But little did he know, that the app would stay unresponsive for about half an hour, maybe because it couldn’t cope with the surge of requests from the people who had similar intentions. Damn!, he muttered under his breath. On to the kitchen then, let’s see what I can salvage from there. But instead of finding something he could eat, the first thing he saw was a pile of smelly utensils, begging to be cleaned. What a day!, he said to himself. But he took the dishwasher, and the scrubber, and even though it wasn’t something he really enjoyed to do, especially at that time of the day, he went with the flow.

After cleaning up the dishes, he noticed the garbage bag was almost full. And the particular smell it was giving off, wasn’t very pleasing either. It won’t take a lot of time, let’s just get rid of it, he thought. And so he did, with a grumpy look on his face. While coming back, in the elevator, he remembered skipping today’s workout. The devil inside tried to justify, oh come-on!, let today be an exception. It’s the end of this year after all. And you didn’t have your dinner too. But you know what, somewhere deep down inside he knew, IT WAS A LIE! And a big fat one, at that. If he went down that path, there would be many more exceptions waiting in line, patiently, just to squeeze their way into his workout routine on the days to come, he knew that very well. And so he took up his dumbbells and pushed through the invisible barriers, that he had conjured up in his mind. When he was done, that grimace on his face had long gone. He took a shower. The rush of cold water running down his spine, made him feel alive again, even though every muscle of his body was aching. 

He opened the fridge, hoping to find something edible. There was nothing that caught his eye, at first glance. But then, his eyes lit up. Down there, in the lowest shelf was a box of chocolates. His fiancĂ©e had given it to him, when he went home in October. And then, there was a spark of joy. He recalled, day before yesterday his colleague-cum-mentor had also given to him the chocolates he got from Dubai, and it was there in his bag, waiting to be unwrapped. He got both of those out. The tokens of love and appreciation from two people he cared about very deeply, had just put a big smile on his face. And he thought, only because the app didn’t work! And those were the best chocolates he ever had, in a long, long time.

Outside, the screams and shouts have subsided. A few enthusiasts still remain, but majority have gone to bed, I think. They will rise from sleep in the morning, and most of them will forget about the resolutions they’ve made, soon enough. So, on this eve of new year, I won’t wish that all your dreams will come true. I won’t wish that you’ll get that dream job, or that big car that you can’t take your eyes off. But I’ll wish that every time life hits you hard on your face, you won’t stay down. You’ll look up, and you’ll get up. And you’ll stop making excuses, and start delivering.

Happy new year!

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